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Find a woman leader near you from our Leaders Lineup – women ready to speak to young people about what they do, why they do it, and how they got there. (Can’t find one near you? Consider a virtual visit using technology!)


Our Speaker Toolkit can help you plan a talk on women's public leadership. Not yet in the Leaders Lineup? Email us and get ready to inform and inspire.

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Inviting a woman officeholder to speak


  • The proposed date, time and place
  • The occasion (a meeting of our Girl Scout troop, an assembly at our high school, the combined fourth grade classes at our elementary school)
  • The audience (35 9-year-olds; the student body of XYZ High School)
  • What the officeholder is being asked to discuss
  • Something about the nature of the institution or organization if it’s not generally known
  • What the follow-up to the letter will be – who will contact whom when and by what means, and what the officeholder or her staff should do if they have questions about the invitation.


Sample Letter

Dear Mayor Jones:

I’m writing on behalf of the fourth grade teachers at Central Elementary School to ask you to speak to our students about your work. We will be conducting a social studies unit about different levels of government, and we would very much like our students to learn from you about what a mayor does and how our local government works. We are also especially excited about the opportunity for our students to meet an elected woman to highlight the message that women can fill key leadership roles, so you might devote a little time to discussing your experiences as a woman leader.

The best time for us would be a Tuesday morning during October; we can work with you to select a date and exact time that would work for you.  The audience would include all four fourth grade classes, for a total of about 100 students, along with their teachers and some parents who volunteer in the classrooms. We would ask you to speak for about 10-15 minutes, after which we would allow time for some questions and answers.

As you may know, Central Elementary School, located on Main Street, serves a diverse population of students in grades K-5. Our principal, Ms. Jane Doe, has made it a priority for our students to learn about the community in which they live and the people who make it work.

We very much hope you can join us; it would be an honor for us to welcome you to Central Elementary School and a treat for our students to meet their mayor.  I will call your office next week to follow up; if you or your staff have questions about this invitation, I can be reached at XXX. Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Mary Smith
Lead Fourth Grade Teacher