Type of ProgramOrganization / PlaceProgramGrade LevelStateLocationGrade LevelSHORT DESCRIPTION
Civic Leadership (gender-neutral) YMCA Youth and Government Program 9th - 12th IL, NationalVarious09 - 9th Grade,10 - 10th Grade,11 - 11th Grade,12 - 12th GradeExperiential civic education program which fosters leadership and civic involvement by discussing and debating issues that affect citizens of their state and proposing legislation.
Civic Leadership (gender-neutral) Mikva ChallengePeace and Leadership Councils6th - 12thILChicago06 - 6th Grade,07 - 7th Grade,08 - 8th Grade,09 - 9th Grade,10 - 10th Grade,11 - 11th Grade,12 - 12th GradeMikva’s Peace and Leadership Councils (PLCs) provide youth expertise and ideas to school and community leaders in an effort to promote a peaceful school environment. Student leaders undertake intensive leadership training and work through an advocacy process that includes issue selection, research and survey collection, and the creation of recommendations for school and community improvement.
Girls' Leadership: Civic-focusedInstitute of Government and Public Affairs, University of Illinois at ChicagoNEW Leadership™ IllinoisCollegeILChicago13 - CollegeA week-long, residential undergraduate leadership development program for women, NEW Leadership™ strives to instill the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for effective political engagement and community organizing.
Civic Leadership (gender-neutral) Mikva ChallengeMikva Summer Fellows Program11th and 12thILChicago11 - 11th Grade,12 - 12th GradeThe Mikva Summer Fellows program provides the opportunity for students to participate in paid internships in the offices of local, state, and federal elected officials.
Girls' Leadership: Civic-focusedAmerican Legion AuxiliaryIllini Girls State11thILBloomington11 - 11th GradeHigh school girls who have completed their Junior year spend an intensive week of study, working together as self-governing citizens at Auxiliary-sponsored Girls State programs.
Civic Leadership (gender-neutral) Mikva ChallengeElections in Action11th and 12thILChicago11 - 11th Grade,12 - 12th GradeThe Campaign Program and the Student Judge Program provide authentic and direct political participation experience to young people even before they reach voting age.
Civic Leadership (gender-neutral) Mikva ChallengeDemocracy in Action11th and 12thILChicago11 - 11th Grade,12 - 12th GradeThe Democracy in Action program brings action civics directly to youth in classrooms and schools. Through partnerships with teachers, students engage in civic action projects that address local issues and advocate for policy change.
Civic Leadership (gender-neutral) Mikva ChallengeCitywide Youth Councils11th and 12thILChicago11 - 11th Grade,12 - 12th GradeThe Citywide Youth Councils (CYCs) aim to strengthen youth participation in the formation, implementation, and evaluation of public policy in city government through the creation of issue-based youth councils.
Place of Interest,Field TripJane Addams Hull-House MuseumGeneral (all)ILChicago00 - Kindergarten,01 - 1st Grade,02 - 2nd Grade,03 - 3rd Grade,04 - 4th Grade,05 - 5th Grade,06 - 6th Grade,07 - 7th Grade,08 - 8th Grade,09 - 9th Grade,10 - 10th Grade,11 - 11th Grade,12 - 12th Grade,13 - College,14 - General (all)The Jane Addams Hull-House Museum honors social reformer Jane Addams, the first American woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, and her colleagues whose work changed the lives of their immigrant neighbors as well as national and international public policy.
Civic Leadership (gender-neutral)Civic Leadership Institute9th - 12thIL, NationalBaltimore, MD; Chicago, IL, and Berkeley, CA09 - 9th Grade,10 - 10th Grade,11 - 11th Grade,12 - 12th GradeThe Civic Leadership Institute (CLI) is a three-week summer service-learning program for high school students completing grades 9 through 12. The program combines hands-on education, meaningful service, powerful speakers and seminars, and an residential experience.