Rhode Island

Type of ProgramOrganization / PlaceProgramGrade LevelStateLocationGrade LevelSHORT DESCRIPTION
Girls' Leadership,Summer CampGirls Leadership CollaborativeSummer Leadership Day Camp3rd - 8thRIEast Greenwich03 - 3rd Grade,04 - 4th Grade,05 - 5th Grade,06 - 6th Grade,07 - 7th Grade,08 - 8th GradeHands-on leadership experience where participants identify personal leadership styles and individual strengths while developing community and having fun.
Girls' Leadership: Civic-focusedAmerican Legion Auxiliary (ALA)Girls State11thRIWarwick11 - 11th GradeHigh school girls who have completed their Junior year spend an intensive week of study, working together as self-governing citizens at Auxiliary-sponsored Girls State programs.