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This section includes links to videos available online, including documentaries, interviews with or talks given by women political leaders. For additional full-length fictional films or documentaries, visit our Films page.


“Not One of the Boys”
Originally aired Oct. 23, 1984 on “Frontline” (PBS)
As more women are voting and running for elected office, have they changed the face of American politics? Through the eyes of women as different as UN Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick and vice presidential nominee Geraldine Ferraro, correspondent Judy Woodruff looks at women and politics in 1984.




Talking Leadership: Conversations with American Women Leaders
A project of the Institute for Women’s Leadership Consortium in collaboration with the Center for American Women and Politics, Eagleton Institute of Politics (Rutgers University). Interviews conducted by: Mary S. Hartman (University Professor and Director of the Institute for Women’s Leadership consortium, Douglass College, Rutgers University) and, Ruth B. Mandel (Board of Governors Professor of Politics and Director, Eagleton Institute of Politics, Rutgers University)

Carol Moseley Braun

Shirley A. Chisholm

Karen Clark

Geraldine Ferraro

Betty Friedan

Eleanor Holmes Norton

Jeane Kirkpatrick

Sheila James Kuehl

Gwen Moore

Barbara Roberts

Sarah Weddington